House Rules

Status as of December 6, 2021

The house rules are binding for seminar participants, providers and trainers of the “Vogelhof Seminars”.

In our seminar center all people should feel comfortable, because we want to promote a respectful and loving interaction with all people on the farm. Any exclusion based on health status, sexual orientation, gender, religion or abuse (mental or physical) is therefore not desired.

Our house is located in a hamlet in the middle of the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve, where diverse and interesting uses take place. This concept and a harmonious course of events are only possible if all guests/course participants behave considerately and responsibly.

  1. Parking spaces for guests/course participants are available
  2. in front of the multipurpose hall (designated parking spaces)
  3. in front of the barrier to the Vogelhof meadow (designated parking spaces)
  4. under exceptional circumstances in front of the meadow at the basketball field (this will be announced in advance).
  5. We ask the guests/course participants of our house to take off the street shoes, if possible, in the shoe racks at the entrance and to enter the common rooms with socks or slippers. This also applies to the seminar rooms in the multi-purpose hall. Please bring your own slippers or house socks.
  6. This rule may be waived by arrangement (e.g. for wedding ceremonies).
  7. The music system in the hall may only be operated after instruction by trained personnel.
  8. The seminar rooms and yurt are to be left clean and tidy at the end. The windows should be closed and the heating turned down.
  9. The room keys also open the main entrance. So only one key per room is necessary. Since it is a security key, we charge a flat rate of 50 euros for a loss.
  10. Smoking is only allowed outside the buildings. Please use ashtrays.
  11. We take great care to keep our property neat and tidy. Please understand that entering the property and the house is only at your own risk. Uneven floors, low headroom and sometimes unusual materials are in the nature of our beautiful property. Vogelhof Seminars is only liable for intent and gross negligence. Liability for consequential damages is excluded.
  12. The kitchen may not be entered by the participants. This is for the safety of the participants.
  13. Before the end of the seminar we ask the guests to put the used bed linen and the borrowed towels in the baskets provided in the hallway.
  14. We ask that the wood stoves be filled with care so as not to damage the bulkhead inside. The wood for firing is available in front of the garages and must be filled by the participants themselves.
  15. We ask the participants to stack the dishes in the hatch to the kitchen and put the cutlery in the bucket provided (filled with water).
  16. Cutlery and dishes are available in the common rooms. We ask participants to stock up here themselves.
  17. Important for the heating period: We ask all guests to heat the rooms sparingly and to turn down the heat when not in use. This helps us to reduce the immense gas costs.
  18. You are welcome to use the games on the 1st floor of the game room. In order for future guests to enjoy them, we ask that they be returned to their shelves after use.
  19. Please use the yurt mindfully, the yurt is a spiritual space and should be used for rituals, heart circles, bodywork, massages, cuddling and much more.
    1. Please do not lean on the wooden lattice wall or hold on to the wooden posts.
    2. There are very precious crystal singing bowls in the yurt, please play them carefully and put them down safely when not in use. This applies to all instruments you will find in the yurt.
    3. Please use the Dolby Surround music system and the floor heating only after instruction.
    4. Wood for the stove must always be filled up after using the stove.
    5. YURT RULES: Peace and Joy – Socks or Barefoot – No Alcohol – No Smoking – Cell Phone Free Zone
  20. E-cars may be charged at the hall (with solar power from the roof). We are happy to turn on our e-wall and charge by usage.
  21. Please fire sauna only according to instructions. Wood is available in front of the garages. Please enter the sauna anteroom only barefoot and always use a towel when taking a sauna, so that the beautiful sauna remains beautiful.
  22. For additional services (espresso coffee, beer, wine, etc.) a list of participants is available. We kindly ask you to keep a tally sheet at the time of withdrawal, so that we can settle up with the participants at the end of the event.

We wish all guests of our house a nice time and many good experiences in our house.

If you are interested in the history of the house or the architecture, we can arrange an appointment for a guided tour.

The Vogelhof Seminars Team


Dec 25th, 2021: 9. loss of key