Your new seminar center in the Swabian Alb

Not far from Ehingen on the Danube in the Swabian Alb in a hamlet. We are still under construction and renovate the rooms little by little. So please be patient with us, so that we have modern furnished rooms for you in the future. Until then, we promise you moderate room rates! Here are all the details if you already want to book the Vogelhof for your seminars/retreats.

For Your Seminars

We offer you not only rooms for your event, but also individually tailored seminar options. We have rooms for about 50 participants, multi-purpose hall with its own protected garden area, a 2ha meadow surrounded by forest. With fireplace and bakehouse. On the meadow is a yurt with 50 sqm also for rent. From autumn we will also have a sauna yurt.

Common rooms and professional kitchen

In the main building we offer you several common rooms to eat together and get together. In our professional kitchen we can handle any requirement for up to 500 participants with ease. We can also book a chef exclusively for your event. We cook only organic and without meat. Gladly also after your own conceptions after arrangement.

From one day Seminar to several Days

We help you to achieve your day seminar/event or for multi-day events the optimal well-being for your participants at the Vogelhof.

Every event is individual and unique for us. We also act accordingly.


We cook only with organic certified vegetables and food. We prefer to use local produce fresh in the kitchen.

We want to cultivate our garden with permaculture according to the laws of nature on the Alb.

Responsible treatment of humans and animals are in the foreground here.


We try to use all available resources carefully and sustainably.

Old things are not thrown away and replaced by new ones, but we try to reuse or repair everything that is available.


We want to live together in a warm, respectful and loving community. Our network of trainers and participants is characterized by friendship, mutual support and cooperation.

So we solve all tasks together and create a new small world for us, our trainers and our participants.


The three of us from Vogelhof:

Hanns Nolan

Cook and jack-of-all-trades, with nimble fingers in the kitchen.

Dirk Messberger

Photographer and available for all beautiful things at Vogelhof.

Gustav Müller

The good soul of the Vogelhof with almost supernatural organizational talent

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